Project Description

Kennedy Center Commemorative Logo

With their 25th anniversary approaching, Kennedy Center executives hired an award-winning design firm from Chicago to develop a commemorative logo. After months of frustration they were at an impasse and had approved none of the proposed logos. With the clock ticking, they then contacted ten area design firms and asked them to submit logos. The designers would have two days to come up with the perfect solution.

As a child, I had been to the Kennedy Center many times with my father. I recalled him telling me that the architects who designed the opera house wanted to make the audience feel like a jewel in a jewelry box, surrounded by rich red velvet. With that in mind, I designed my submission. The stylized curtain sweeps across the stage and the number 25 is a jewel draped over the side of the jewelry box.

Throughout the anniversary year, the logo was used in signage everywhere in the building, as well as on gift shop merchandise.

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